A wide range of French-style viennoiseries: butter croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins…complemented by mouth-watering new twists on the classics like filled croissants, vegan croissants, etc
Grid List

59 Items

  1. Organic croissant Organic croissant
    60 per box 60 g
  2. Organic pain au chocolat Organic pain au chocolat
    60 per box 75 g
  3. NEW
    Mini butter croissant
    100 per box 40 g
  4. NEW
    Butter croissant
    180 per box 60 g
  5. NEW
    10 butter pain chocolat 10 butter pain chocolat
    70 per box 60 g
  6. NEW
    Brownie style swirl Brownie style swirl
    60 per box 90 g
  7. Heritage butter croissant Heritage butter croissant
    60 per box 70 g
  8. Mini seeded croissant
    100 per box 30 g
  9. Triple pain au chocolat Triple pain au chocolat
    60 per box 100 g
  10. Heritage butter pain chocolat Heritage butter pain chocolat
    140 per box 80 g



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