Discover Délifrance Impact by Rodolphe Landemaine!

Based on an exclusive collaboration with the baker and pastry chef Rodolphe Landemaine,

this brand-new Délifrance range combines plant-based ingredients with absolute indulgence.

It's time

Because we have never been so conscious about environmental issues and the planet’s limited resources. 

Because we know that what we eat has a significant impact on the planet and on us. 

At Délifrance, we believe this ever-changing world is full of opportunities, but that as a company we have a responsibility to future generations. 

That is why we choose to reinvent the way we bake. 

Developing the Délifrance Impact by Rodolphe Landemaine range with the objective to respond to environmental challenges and planet resource limit problem. 

Offering plant-based alternatives that do not sacrifice an ounce of taste.



The range

Enter a world where plant-based food goes hand-to-hand with delightful taste.

While this new Délifrance range offers quality products as always, its originality lies in its surprising visuals: from the hypnotic cinnamon bun to the delicacy of the apple tart, not forgetting the hand-tied chocolate babka, nothing has been left to chance! 


Beyond their fabulous looks, these new products also engage in a real indulgence, and are designed to give real pleasure when tasted.


In a word, 3 references as good as they look!

The products

Bastoncino with mortadella | Panitaly - DélifranceBastoncino with mortadella | Panitaly - Délifrance

Chocolat Babka

The Chocolate Babka, wrapped in a tender, golden crust with its chocolate swirls.


Cinnamon Bun

Discover the warm, spiced layers of our Cinnamon Bun, a sweet spiral topped with a sugar crunch.


Pinsa sandwich with ham and creamy cheese | Panitaly - DélifrancePinsa sandwich with ham and creamy cheese | Panitaly - Délifrance

Apple tart

The eye-catching Apple Tart, featuring hand-arranged apple slices on a compote bed.



Rodolphe Landemaine, French pioneer in plant-based bakery

French baker and pastry chef Rodolphe Landemaine founded Land&Monkeys as a vision of the bakery of the future: "more respectful and less carbon-intensive at every level of our value chain"*”. Building on the success of its flagship bakery, which opened in February 2020, other openings soon followed, with the aim of “sowing the seeds of a more sustainable bakery sector”*.

In 2022, Délifrance called on Rodolphe, who is renowned for his expertise in “plant-based bakery”*. The idea was to create a partnership; they would work together to promote their shared vision of helping everyone change their consumption habits.

This approach is part of Délifrance’s Baking Good Better program.


**source :

Panitaly Family - DélifrancePanitaly Family - Délifrance

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