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16 Items

  1. Sourdough Bloomer Sourdough Bloomer
    12 per box 650 g
  2. NEW
    Poolish white baguette Poolish white baguette
    30 per box 290 g
  3. NEW
    High fibre pave High fibre pave
    24 per box 400 g
  4. Bag fibres 320g Bag fibres 320g
    40 per box 320 g
  5. Rustic filoncino Rustic filoncino
    16 per box 200 g
  6. Rustic white baguette Rustic white baguette
    27 per box 270 g
  7. White Baguette 290g White Baguette 290g
    32 per box 290 g
  8. Hand crafted white loaf Hand crafted white loaf
    15 per box 500 g


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