Discover our vast selection of breads, from individual rolls to rustic breads for sharing; from simple recipes to those with generous inclusions and toppings! Whether you're a catering professional, a retailer or a wholesaler, our range of breads and the recipes that go with them have been designed to meet your needs.
Grid List

89 Items

  1. Go! Brød half baguette 110g
    85 per box 110 g
  2. Presliced Flaguette Presliced Flaguette
    30 per box 100 g
  3. Presliced seeded Flaguette
    30 per box 100 g
  4. Pinsa Tonda 100g Pinsa Tonda 100g
    25 per box 100 g
  5. Tin loaf
    5 per box 820 g
    REF: 19412 Tin loaf
  6. Pain de mie complet
    5 per box 820 g
  7. Tartaruga pré tranché 70g Tartaruga pré tranché 70g
    40 per box 70 g
  8. Piadina Classica 120g Piadina Classica 120g
    60 per box 120 g
  9. Rustic flower bread 405g Rustic flower bread 405g
    15 per box 400 g
  10. New harvest baguette New harvest baguette
    32 per box 290 g
  11. Seeded small pave
    55 per box 70 g
  12. Ciabatta 265g Ciabatta 265g
    33 per box 265 g



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