As experts in French masterpieces like layer cakes and choux pastries, we delight consumers every day with a variety of products, from classic French recipes to restyled international best-sellers. This also includes sophisticated handmade products from our Délifrance A La Folie! range.
Grid List

62 Items

  1. Chocolate religieuse 90g
    24 per box 90 g
  2. Coffee religieuses 110g
    24 per box 110 g
  3. Mini lava cake 30g
    96 per box 30 g
  4. Apricot muffin
    20 per box 90 g
  5. Savoury cones to fill x63
    63 per box 4 g
  6. Normandy apple tartlet
    24 per box 110 g
  7. Kirsch salambo 95g
    30 per box 95 g
  8. Coffee religieuse 90g
    24 per box 90 g
  9. Coffee eclair 75g
    40 per box 75 g



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