Food Safety

Our products quality and safety has always been a priority. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that Délifrance products are safe to consume.



Ingredients sourcing

We follow strict sourcing and auditing processes to guarantee safe, high-quality raw materials. This includes defining specifications for the ingredients we use, and carrying out checks to ensure that they always comply with regulations and our customers' expectations.


We follow certified cleaning and sanitation practices at every step of production, and our teams are trained about food safety and hygiene from their 1st day on site.

 Specific protective factory clothing: our teams wear specific coats, shoes, hairnets, food safe gloves and face masks.
✔ Hand disinfection: ensured by the washing frequency and the efficiency of the products used (soap, hydroalcoholic gel).
 Hygiene of our factories: as part of our cleaning process, we use suitable detergents and sanitizers to ensure that the production areas and equipments are clean and safe and regularly checked. 
✔ Handling of ingredients and equipments in the respect of Hygiene Practices.


Our recipes and processing techniques are rigorously formulated to always deliver safe products by following industry practice and we are continually developing our food safety system based on HACCP and integrity principles. Our premises are temperature controlled throughout the production areas and so are the critical raw materials.

Testing and release

Products and production records are assessed during the whole production run and samples are taken at regular interval for later assessment by our dedicated Quality team before a batch is allowed to leave our factories and is declared safe to consume.

Transportation and packaging

Once frozen it is critical that our products remain at -18°C or lower throughout distribution to our customers. Our transport and cold store providers are assessed to ensure that they have the appropriate systems and records to maintain the product at the optimum temperatures.

Packaging has a vital role to play in ensuring our products reach consumers in a safe condition. It also carries clear information about how to bake and store the product, with information on ingredients as well as any allergen risks. We make sure that best-before dates are correct so our customers understand when the product will be past its best. This also helps to avoid generating unnecessary waste.


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