Ciabatta is originally from the Venice region, this Italian bread is distinguished by its airy crumb and crisp crust. Its subtle flavor is most of the time enhanced by a hint of olive oil. Perfect for sandwiches and bruschetta, ciabatta is a staple of Italian cuisine, providing a solid base to showcase the tastiest ingredients.
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  1. Ciabatta 265g Ciabatta 265g
    33 per box 265 g
  2. Ciabattina stonebaked 100g Ciabattina stonebaked 100g
    36 per box 100 g
  3. Ciabatta 265g
    10 per box 265 g
  4. Presliced ciabattina 100g Presliced ciabattina 100g
    36 per box 100 g
  5. Presliced ciabattina 120g Presliced ciabattina 120g
    36 per box 120 g
  6. Organic Presliced Ciabattina
    30 per box 115 g
    36 per box 210 g