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The art of sandwich making

Mastering the art of sandwich making is a seamless blend of creativity, technique, and understanding of flavors. The canvas for this culinary art is bread, while the fillings, spreads, and toppings are the paints that bring it to life.

Let's delve into the principles that guide the creation of these edible masterpieces.

The rise of the sandwich: understanding sandwich varieties

According to a market study by Cognitive Market Research (2023), the global sandwich market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.50% from 2023 to 2030. This growth underlines the increasing significance of this sector within the global food industry. Concurrently, food professionals continue year after year to share their convenient, fast and easy sandwich recipes. They boast about the simplicity and affordability of their homemade creations, emphasizing the notion that sandwiches can be both delicious and a good source of revenue. This trend reflects evolving consumer preferences towards quick and customizable food solutions, while also presenting significant opportunities for innovation in the sandwich sector.

The bread foundation: exploring trendy types of sandwich breads

Bagel and sourdough: recipes of bagels and sourdough bread sandwiches are taking over the web! Bagel recipes mentions increased by 20% compared to last year whereas sourdough bread sandwiches mentions increased by 78%.1

Italian sandwiches: focaccia and ciabatta continue to gain popularity and consumers share regularly their homemade Italian recipes.1

Cereal based: in addition to sourdough, rye bread recorded an increase of 13% of interactions Vs last year in a time where consumers are more considering gut health and fibers consumption.1

Flatbread and wraps: these thinner kinds of breads make sandwiches easy to carry, suitable for on-the-go, and folded in different shapes.1

Vegetarian sandwiches: consumers are trying to make healthier choices and vegetarian sandwiches offer an answer to this wish. Eggs, cheese, and vegetables are the top selected ingredients.1

Snacking: this moment of consumption is still rising and consumers consider bites and small portion sandwiches adequate for sharing time.1

Sandwiches around the world

Sandwiches are a culinary delight enjoyed everywhere, reflecting diverse cultures and flavors from around the globe. From the iconic Vietnamese bánh mì to the hearty Spanish bocadillo and the comforting French croque-monsieur, each sandwich offers a unique blend of ingredients and flavors with a variety of fillings. 

In Vietnam, the bánh mì is a blend of French and Vietnamese flavors. It consists of a crispy baguette topped with savory meats, pickled vegetables, coriander, chili peppers and hot sauce. 

In Latin America, arepa is distinguished by its thick cornmeal patty stuffed with various fillings such as shredded beef, avocado and cheese. 
The Argentinian choripan features grilled chorizo nestled in a soft bun, topped with chimichurri sauce for an explosion of flavor. 
The classic croque-monsieur, originally from France, features layers of ham and cheese sandwiched between slices of toasted, buttered bread, then topped with a creamy béchamel sauce. 
In Mexico, tacos offer an explosion of flavors with options such as carne asada, carnitas or fish, topped with onions, cilantro and salsa. 
Turkish doner kebab and Greek gyro have similarities: thin slices of meat served in pita bread, accompanied by fresh vegetables and tangy sauces.

And in a different incarnation, Smørrebrød, a Danish speciality consisting of bread and butter offers a variety of toppings (meat, fish, vegetables...).

Innovations in the sandwich world

The humble sandwich, a longtime product of convenience and comfort, is experiencing a re-birth. Far from being a simple quick fix for hunger, the sandwich has become a product of innovation and creativity. The sandwich is proving to be more than just a lunch option. From crowded city streets to the quiet corners of coffee shops, sandwiches are reinventing themselves by exploring new flavors, ingredients and presentations, breaking traditional boundaries. We are going to prove that sandwich can be a culinary chameleon in the kitchen. 

Sandwich as a lunch on the go

Busy lifestyles value convenience, making the sandwich the ideal choice for a quick lunch. Its practicality makes it the perfect solution for on-the-go meals, appropriate for a bustling life where time is of the essentiality.

Expansion of the offer 

Contrary to the common perception that sandwiches are only found in bakeries, their presence extends to restaurants, sandwich shops, coffee shops and even catering services as a small bocadillo. This presence demonstrates the versatility of the sandwich and its appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Variety and segmentation

The introduction and diversification of sandwich ranges offer endless options adapted to different customer profiles and distribution channels. From traditional recipes to innovative creations, sandwiches can satisfy all tastes, dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free...) and consumption occasions.

Sandwich as a sharing offer

The sandwich is no longer a lonely meal, but an element of conviviality and shared use. This transformation is especially visible in bars and restaurants, where the sandwich encourages social interaction and shared experiences.

How do hot sandwiches vary around the world?

One of the sandwich's main assets is its flexibility of temperature, as it can be eaten hot or cold, and can be served on the plate or taken away. Depending on the season, you can adapt your sandwich offer: in winter, for example, propose hot sandwiches with grilled cheese. This versatility makes it a perfect meal option, catering to everyone's preferences. 

Time of day: from breakfast to dinner

Sandwiches shine in their versatility, effortlessly transitioning from morning to night. Begin with a robust breakfast sandwich, switch to a quick, satisfying lunch, enjoy light snacks in the afternoon, and end with gourmet dinner options. Versatile and convenient, sandwiches cater to any mealtime need.

Easy sandwich recipes 

Want to integrate or reinvent your sandwich offering? Discover some easy-to-make, delicious recipes. Feel free to adapt these recipes to what you have in your kitchen, they're designed to suit every customer's preferences. 

Bastocino gorgonzola speck and figs

Elevate your offerings with this recipe. Ready in just 5 minutes, it's a practical choice for sunday brunches for restaurants or for catering events, coffee shops, and sandwich shops alike.

Crafted for versatility, this recipe can be effortlessly adapted to suit the ingredients available in your kitchen, for example another type of ham, or to be adapted for the preferences of people, including a vegetarian option that maintains its sophisticated flavor profile. 

Mediterranean veggie sandwich

Boost your menu with this recipe and offer your customers a taste of the mediterranean any day of the week. Quick to prepare, this dish is a perfect choice for coffee shops, and sandwich restaurants looking for vegetarians option. You can adapt this recipe, and instead of a sandwich you can do a burger. 

Focaccia romana open sandwich

Ideal for any time of day, from a quick lunch to a light dinner, this sandwich not only satisfies the appetite with its fresh, indulgent taste, but also addresses the growing demand for vegetarian options. 

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Want to discover more mouthwatering sandwich recipes ?