Our CSR approach: 

Baking Good Better

Climate change, preservation of biodiversity, global food safety, energy transition, transformation of agricultural and production models…

Faced with these major challenges, Délifrance is fully convinced that as a food company it has a key role to play

Last year, we wrote our company’s mission:


Our roots are in the soil, the grain and our French baking know-how.

Together everyday we grow and share this heritage and our love for baking.

Responsibly, creatively, deliciously.


Through this mission, we confirmed two notions that were crucial when defining our CSR strategy: responsibility and our pride of belonging to VIVESCIA.

VIVESCIA launched its own sustainability policy, LINK, in June 2022. At Délifrance, we have structured an ambitious CSR strategy, fed by the framework set by the Group but which is still our very own, directly linked to the impacts of our business, our DNA, values and ambition.

We named our approach Baking Good BETTER. "Better" means taking action now all together and ensure sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do to protect what is most precious: our planet and our people.

Pillar #1:


Limit the impact of our activities on the planet

Pillar #2:


Take care of our people and cultivate our unique DNA

Pillar #3:

Product & know how

Make quality products for all, today and tomorrow

Interview of Robert O'Boyle

Our Chief Executive Officer answers a few questions about “Baking Good Better”

Why engage in this CSR approach today?

In 2021 we wrote our mission in which we included the notion of responsibility and our pride of belonging to VIVESCIA; we also decided to add Corporate Social Responsibility in our strategic pillars. We now want to go further and build a strong CSR culture at Délifrance. CSR is not new, the teams have been working on many topics linked to CSR for years but Baking Good BETTER clarifies our purpose and sets a framework to achieve our ambition and be bolder on our future objectives.


Why is it so important?

As a food company, we are critically reliant on the fruits of the earth and its climate, from the wheat grown in fields to the grass eaten by dairy cows to produce butter. We are therefore convinced we have a role to play in influencing and shaping our futures offering a livable future on Earth and protecting these valuable resources our planet gifts to us.

On the climate issue, of course: The Paris Agreement set out a framework to limit global warming to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C. But also regarding other sustainability stakes: we are willing to also contribute to preserve biodiversity, work on circular economy, offer the best work environment to our teams and have a positive impact in society.

CSR is also key for many of our stakeholders: suppliers, customers, employees, financial partners, etc. They are expecting companies to commit and be more transparent. CSR creates long-term value for both stakeholders and society as a whole.


When talking about CSR, how does belonging to VIVESCIA help?

VIVESCIA set an ambitious CSR approach last June with its programme called LINK which has set a framework for our own approach. Our objective is to increase the share of VIVESCIA wheat that goes into our products and work with the Group and the farmers on wheat from regenerative agriculture. This will help us move forward on our journey to 100% sustainable flour and contribute to improving soil health, promoting biodiversity, storing carbon in soils, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and contributing towards preserving our planet fur future generations.


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