Vegan Croissants

In response to the increasing trend and demand of customers for vegan bakery products,

Délifrance has launched a big variety of plain and filled vegan croissants.


We always continue to innovate to satisfy our customers’ desires. 

Made with selected ingredients (spelt flour), our vegan croissants satisfy

your taste buds without compromising the taste of classic croissants:

a fluffy melt in the mouth center with thin and crispy layering


35% of Europeans buy vegan bakery products at least once a week (Puratos, 2021)

Globally, only 2% of consumers are vegans while the rest of them are those that are trying to reduce the intake of animal-based products such as flexitarians and vegetarians (Global data, 2021)

Bakery can fill the short in daily dietary fiber intake (Mintel, 2021) 

Our commitments to the products

➜ The plain vegan croissant is made with palm-oil free margarine

➜ The other vegan croissants are all with margarine made with RSPO-certified palm oil

➜ Source of fibre (multi-seed and multi-grain recipes)

➜ Made in France

Baking instructions

➜ For the plain croissants: 18-20 minutes at 170°C

➜ For the filled croissants: 21-23 minutes at 170°C



Made with only four simple ingredients (water, flour, yeast and salt), bread is vegan by nature.


With a large selection of breads, we provide classical and original products to meet your consumers’ needs.


Some of our bread recipes are designed with inclusions and toppings, some with specific flours such as rye or buckwheat, carefully selected to delight your consumers at every moment of the day.