This green toast recipe, made with pea purée, courgette ricotta and lemon, is a perfect choice for restaurants and coffee shops that want to impress their customers with a tasty and visually eye-catching meal that's quick to prepare, offering a delicious dining experience and ready in just 15 minutes.​

Preparation : 5 minutes
For the pea puree:
Blanch the peas in lightly salted water for a few minutes, cool in water and ice and dry, Place the cooked peas in a boule, season with salt, pepper, chopped mint and mash with the aid of a fork until pureed. ​

For the marinated courgettes:
Using a mandoline, slice the courgettes to a thickness of about 0.4 cm. Prepare an emulsion with the oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Place the sliced courgettes in a container and sprinkle them with the emulsion and fresh mint leaves. Leave to marinate.​

For the candied lemon:
Using a potato peeler, cut the lemon peel into julienne strips. Blanch them three times, changing the water. Prepare the sugar syrup by bringing the water and sugar to the boil. Once ready, pour it over the previously blanched peels and let them cool at room temperature.
Dressing : 20 minutes
Bake the Gransole at 190° for 22-24 min.​ ​
Mix the ricotta with a drop of olive oil, salt and black pepper. Cut a 1 cm thick slice of gransole and grease it with oil. Then bake at 200° for 2-3 minutes until golden brown.
Remove the slice from the oven, spread the pea puree on the base, add the ricotta cream, the marinated courgettes the candied lemon zest and finally garnish with the mint and basil leaves.
Chef's tip
Remember to refrigerate any leftover of pea puree, marinated courgettes and candied lemon for future use.