Preparation : 25 minutes
Prepare the ingredients.

Take an inox ring, with a diameter of 12cm and 3cm height.
Spray some grease inside the rings before filling the pain au raisin in.
Wait until they are completely defrosted, then put a baking sheet on the rings and use a tray to flatten the top of the pain au raisin.
Bake according to the usual instructions.
Dressing : 5 minutes
Once they are finished baking, take of the ring directly and let them rest. Meanwhile, let the white chocolate melt over hot water.
Soak the top of the pain au raisin in the chocolate and stick the rabbit ears and putt the sprinkles before the chocolate get crystalized.
Use a little bit of melted chocolate to stick the eyes and nose.
Chef's tip
Find the chocolate eyes, nose and ears at your chocolatier supplier.