The Focaccia is a flat bread originating in Liguria, is characterised by its soft texture and crispy crust, sprinkled with generous touches of salt and olive oil. Whether served as part of a meal, a focaccia will take you back to Italy with every bite.
Grid List

10 Items

  1. Granfocaccia Granfocaccia
    12 per box 265 g
    REF: 76316 Granfocaccia
  2. Focaccia Romana 550g Focaccia Romana 550g
    5 per box 550 g
  3. Focaccia olives 720g Focaccia olives 720g
    6 per box 750 g
  4. Pizza margherita Pizza margherita
    5 per box 1,025 g
  5. Hand-stretched Focaccia Hand-stretched Focaccia
    5 per box 800 g
  6. Black focaccia topping 850g
    6 per box 850 g
  7. Focaccia romana 415g Focaccia romana 415g
    9 per box 415 g
  8. Gran focaccia sale e olio 130g Gran focaccia sale e olio 130g
    24 per box 130 g