Discover our version of the Italian Margherita pizza made with Pinsa Tonda. Ready in just 10 minutes. ​Whether you're a premium restaurant, a cosy pizzeria or even a coffeeshop or a fast casual, you want to offer your customers the best-selling recipe.

Preparation : 5 minutes
Prepare the basil sauce:
Blend basil, oil and salt to create a smooth sauce.​

Crumble the mozzarella and set it aside to drain, place the tomato sauce on the pinsa, taking care not to go over the edge. Then place the crumbled mozzarella on top and bake in a ventilated oven at 230° for about 5 minutes, the base should golden and the mozzarella should be completely melted.
Dressing : 5 minutes
Decoration: remove the pinsa from the oven and finish with the basil sauce drops and basil leaves.
Chef's tip
Remember to refrigerate any leftover tomato sauce and basil sauce for future use.