Preparing for mother's day 2024: tips for foodservice

Tips and ideas to prepare for mother's day this 2024: get ready for it

The next date on the calendar is Mother's Day, such a special day!

Be sure to save the date, as it is not the same for every country, for example: 

  • In the UK, it's celebrated in March.
  • In Switzerland, Italy and Belgium, it's on the second Sunday of the month, 12 May 2024.
  • In France, it's celebrated on the last Sunday in May, on 26 May 2024. 

Let's not miss out on this occasion, especially as it represents an opportunity to develop your sales. Indeed, according to the National Retail Federation, 84% of people celebrate this occasion, with 40% of families opting to eat out at restaurants to celebrate their moms, as reported last year.

Celebrate mother's day as a business opportunity

It's a time to celebrate the love and support that mothers provide each and every day. Ensure your business benefits from the occasion by capitalizing on the season and preparing for this significant date. Here are four suggestions to help you optimize your earnings this year.

What to do on mothers day? Ideas for getting into the theme

1. Diversify your offer with a special menu or products 

Get into the Mother's Day spirit by incorporating a themed menu into your offers. Think about offering dishes or treats inspired by spring flavours. Whether it's a delicious brunch with viennoiseries or personalised pastries decorated with edible flowers. Creating a themed menu gives a special meaning to the occasion and gets customers excited.

Offer original creations that are only available on this occasion, using seasonal ingredients and innovative presentations. 

Tips: Don't forget to highlight these special menus on social media to attract attention and generate interest. 

Italian breadsItalian breads

Explore our collection of recipes designed to delight your customers and capture the essence of this special day.

Italian breadsItalian breads

2. Set up special offers 

A special event means a special offer. In order to generate more sales on your "special Mother's Day" products, propose an associated offer.

For example, if you buy a strawberry tart, offer a rose, or the second tart at 50% off.

Offer a flower or a small sweet to all the mums who come into the shop with their children. 

3. Use special communication for this special day 

While it's important to celebrate Mother's Day, it's also important to communicate with your customers. Show your customers that you are adapting your offer and that you are proposing dedicated new products. This will highlight your proactivity, but at the same time the temporary nature of this not-to-be-missed offer. 

You can communicate in different ways:

  • Use social networks as your communications allies by publishing an attractive photo of your products and special Mom Day offers.
  • Send out a newsletter detailing the surprises and special offers awaiting them in your establishment.
  • Set up a display in your shop or restaurant.
  • Communicate directly with your customers when they visit and encourage them to share your news by word of mouth.

4. Decoration or personalised packaging

To encourage people to come and discover your special Mother's Day offer, it's important to make your storefront attractive. There are a number of visual communications and merchandising techniques that you can use to achieve this. The first step is to decorate the outside window.

Enhance the atmosphere and decor of your store for Mother's Day by incorporating special decorations that suggest feelings of warmth and love. You can decorate with floral arrangements, soft pastel shades and comforting messages on display. From window decorations to centrepieces, the little details will make a big difference.

Let your setting reflect the love of the occasion, creating a welcoming setting where families and children can come together to celebrate their mom. 

Italian breadsItalian breads

You can also add a special touch by including a small Mother's Day themed sticker. Personalised packaging add an extra element of attention. 

Recipes & tips for Mom day

The first bakery items consumers think of when celebrating Mother's day are sweet pastry and desserts especially cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Indeed, children generally prepare breakfast in bed for their mum, or a generous brunch with the help of their dad. 1

This day seems to be the occasion for red fruits flavors and decorations where people share abundately recipes with strawberries, cherries and raspberries. Play with seasonal fruit, favouring the colours red and pink, which represent the event very well. 

Don't want to spend extra money? Don't worry, you can simply adapt your products with decorative toppings or by changing the shape. This will encourage your customers to invite their mums for this special day.

Here are three quick and easy recipes. 

Mothers day suggestions recipes to add to your menu

Croissant cake

Sweet surprise! This croissant cake is crafted with golden mini croissants with creamy mascarpone, decorated with raspberries. You can customize this creation by adding different types of fruits depending on your customers' preferences or what you have in stock.

Strawberry choux chantilly

This delicious dessert is really easy to prepare because you only need choux chantilly and strawberries. It's a tasty way to add a touch of elegance to your Mother's Day menu. Perfect to show your culinary creativity. You can add liquid chocolate on top to make this recipe even more appetizing.

Heart swirl brownie

Shaping your most delicious viennoiserie into hearts won't take any more time than usual, but it will make all the difference. And for a themed touch, why not decorate with edible flowers ?

If you'd like to discover other sweet and savoury recipes, here's the place, take a look! 

Source: National Retail Federation

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