Triple crunchy chocolate entremet 650g

A gourmet recipe made with almond biscuit, a layer of crunchy praline, 3 layers of chocolate ( dark, milk and white) bavarian creas topped with dark chocolate powder ( rich 64% cocoa)

A recipe without artificial colors or flavors

A Delifrance packaging with elegant graphics, packaging elements both safe and pratical

- One bag " frehness to preserve all the flavors of chocolate

- A new smart presentation base with dual function: Protection of the dessert in the package, datachable ruler to help cutting for the présentationof homogeneous pieces in the weight and size ( 8, 10or 12 pieces)


4 per box



More Information
Channel Full service Restaurant
Consumption time Dinner-Lunch
Range Délifrance
More Information
Recipe Familly size
Technology Thaw and serve/ready to use

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