Délifrance Héritage malted wheat bread is prefect for a Nordic-inspired sandwich. Tartar of seaweed, haddock, radish, endive, apples, a few petals of yellow chicory and there you go!
Preparation : 18-20min
Bake the bread 18-20 min. at 200°C.
Slice the radish and apple finely.
Cut the black grapes into pieces.
Dressing : 5 min
1. Cut slices of bread 3 to 4cm thick. Spread the bread with seaweed tartare.
2. Chop the haddock and add 25g to each slice of bread, together with the pink radish slices.
3. Add the apple and a few petals of yellow chicory.
4. Top with a few black grape pieces.
5. To finish, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper