Preparation : 12h
Prepare the ingredients.

Make the syrup by bringing the water, sugar and ground cinnamon to the boil. Leave to cool.

Mix the spices and black tea together. Melt the butter and pour over this mixture. Leave to infuse for 12 hours. Melt again, strain the butter and weigh: make up to the required weight (50g) with fresh butter.

Make the almond cream by whisking together the softened butter, eggs, sugar and ground almonds.

Slice the croissants in half lengthwise.

Use a pastry brush to lightly soak the insides of both halves of the croissants with syrup.

Fill each croissant with 45g of spiced almond cream, close and spread 5g on the top.

Make the crunch by mixing the sugar, almonds, puffed rice and candied orange peel together. Bind them with egg white to obtain a crumble texture.

Stick the crunch onto the cream spread on the tops of the croissants.


Sprinkle with icing sugar and edible gold dust.