Thanks to our expertise in traditional puff pastry, we offer a wide choice of savoury products including a diverse selection of premium snacks with new shapes, new doughs and new recipes.
Grid List

26 Items

  1. Mix mini salty croissant Mix mini salty croissant
    144 per box 33 g
  2. Mini savoury pastry Mini savoury pastry
    288 per box 20 g
  3. Cheese roll
    48 per box 130 g
  4. Ham cheese basket Ham cheese basket
    48 per box 100 g
  5. Mini Croissant Wurstel 33g
    3 per box 33 g
  6. NEW
    Gouda Cheese Croissant
    90 per box 100 g
  7. Cheddar twist Cheddar twist
    51 per box 115 g
  8. Goat cheese basket
    40 per box 100 g
  9. Individual flammküche shell
    100 per box 110 g
  10. Pastry shell d108
    48 per box 4 g
  11. Mix mini savoury croissant Mix mini savoury croissant
    144 per box 33 g



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