Thanks to our expertise in traditional puff pastry, we offer a wide choice of savoury products including a diverse selection of premium snacks with new shapes, new doughs and new recipes.
Grid List

25 Items

  1. NEW
    Rosemary and garlic plait Rosemary and garlic plait
    40 per box 100 g
  2. Mix mini salty croissant Mix mini salty croissant
    144 per box 33 g
  3. Mini savoury pastry Mini savoury pastry
    288 per box 20 g
  4. Cheese roll
    48 per box 130 g
    REF: 27271 Cheese roll
  5. Ham cheese basket Ham cheese basket
    48 per box 100 g
  6. NEW
    Gouda Cheese Croissant
    90 per box 100 g
  7. Cheddar twist Cheddar twist
    51 per box 115 g
  8. Goat cheese basket
    40 per box 100 g
  9. Individual flammküche shell
    100 per box 110 g
  10. Pastry shell d108
    48 per box 4 g
  11. Mini sliced ham cheese croissant
    165 per box 31 g
  12. Mix mini savoury croissant Mix mini savoury croissant
    144 per box 33 g



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