Opera 650g

L'Opéra, the emblematic cake of French pastry, harmoniously combines several layers with different tastes and textures to bring gourmet pleasure, all sublimated by a generous chocolate topping.
• Coffee-infused Joconde biscuit: A light, fluffy base bursting with exquisite coffee flavours.
• Coffee buttercream: A creamy, fragrant layer, balancing sweetness with a subtle note of coffee.
• Dark chocolate ganache : A rich dark chocolate coating, offering a velvety, intense experience.
• Chocolate topping: A gourmet finish, enveloping the whole in a chocolate coating
For dessert or a tasty snack, the Opéra is perfect. It can be cut into several portions and is ideal for a gourmet coffee.

4 per box



More Information
Channel Full service Restaurant
Consumption time Dinner-Lunch
Range Délifrance
More Information
Recipe Familly size
Technology Thaw and serve/ready to use

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