With the aim of continuously offering the best products and services dedicated to hotels, Délifrance carried out an independent worldwide research study. The qualitative and quantitative analysis helped us gain a wide understanding of the challenges and requirements for hotels.


Through in-depth insights into guest behaviours and expectations as well as the needs of headquarters and hotel field teams, we have designed an holistic approach to support you in meeting your customer needs and driving your performance.

The best offer for breakfast

Breakfast is the last impression guests will have of a hotel, some guests even choose their hotel depending on the breakfast offer and its quality.

For 26% of guests, breakfast quality is one of the top 3 selection criteria.


And as 75% of guests eat bakery products for breakfast, this category is key!

Healthy options are the first guest expectation at breakfast, however indulgence is also a must.

42% of consumers find it very appealing to have healthy but indulgent products.

Guests also expect to find a wide offer to choose from, especially in patisserie products


Viennoiserie, the essentials

Viennoiserie and pastries are the most popular breakfast products in hotels: 76% of guests eat them in the morning, and half of them eat a croissant. They are looking for choice and 9 out of 10 consumers would like mini-sized products.


For these reasons, we recommend both traditional recipes such as our Délifrance Héritage croissant and more innovative ones ( Vegan, organic..).

Patisserie, for breakfast

63% of guests enjoy pastries for breakfast and are looking for products that are both healthy and tasty.


Our delicious Breakfast muffins, for example, respond to this current trend, combining 30% less sugar than similar products on the market with generous toppings (wheat flakes, sunflower seeds, etc.), a mix of several flours and inclusions (blueberries, cranberries, apples, etc.)..

Bread, between tradition and modernity

Baguettes, rolls… Whatever its shape, 56% of customers enjoy eating bread for breakfast.


Our selection includes classic as well as rustic or hand-crafted breads with an artisanal style. We use premium ingredients to create quality products that are easy to prepare with part-baked technology, allowing you to offer bread that is always fresh for breakfast.



Download our free whitebook on hotels


After running a worldwide study, we have collected some strong insights into the market and customers’ behaviours to provide you with a deep understanding of your guests, and support you in the development of your business.

Included in this White Book you will also find information on the impact of Covid-19 on the Hotel Market and recommendations to help you face changes induced by the crisis.




Download our recipe booklet now!


Discover our Recipe Booklet, a collection of innovative and tasty recipes to amaze your customers’ senses! Our free booklet will provide you with many recipes of delicious patisseries/tartlets and sandwiches to delight your customers all day-long, from breakfast to dinner, as well as a special selection for buffets and cocktails.


The best offer for Seminar & Cocktail

40% of premium hotel guests had a seminar break or cocktail in the hotel during their stay.

For those occasions, sweet products are a must : 52% of consumers eat patisserie;

American pastries and croissants are also widely consumed.

Guests prefer variety and a wide choice of mini sized products.


Sweet canapes, for pleasure

Most guests would like to have a large choice of small bites with different flavours for cocktail buffets or seminar breaks.


Our Délifrance A la Folie range is a perfect solution; ready to serve or ready to fill, sweet or savoury formats, these products help you achieve the premium displays your guests are expecting.


Viennoiserie for the seminar breaks

Break time, so British with a cup of tea and a muffin or a small pastry, is a pleasurable break during a seminar to pause and chat with colleagues.


Délifrance provides an assortment of muffins and classic or indulgent mini pastries. Do not forget to add some fruits and fresh drink to your buffet!

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