Hotel supplier: meet your customers' expectations

with our wide range of bakery, pastry, patisserie and catering products.


While consumers expect a varied, high-quality choice,

they are also looking for original products that can combine indulgence with specific diets or new consumer trends.

With the wide choice offered by your Délifrance hotel supplier: premium, gourmet, organic, vegan, etc.

they will help you stand out from the competition, boost the appeal and enhance the quality of your establishment.











Find the right hotel supplier in bakery
to meet your customers' expectations











The pandemic has had a huge effect on the hotel sector with consumers’ expectations and behaviour evolving.

Délifrance has conducted an international study to better understand and respond to today’s new challenges.

The market offers a huge growth potential to those who are able to adapt quickly to these changes.


In order to support you through these evolving times, we have listened to consumers and adapted our products

to meet new requirements at every consumption moment.

Whatever your chosen breakfast offer Délifrance is the ideal partner to accompany you:


If you choose a buffet breakfast, we offer a wide choice of French pastries, breads and cakes: there are several ranges adapted to all budgets, offering

quality and something special for your customers, but that are also quick and easy for your staff to use. We can also help you to reduce waste with many recipes to re-use products.


 If you choose table or room service we have a special selection which is adapted to meet every consumer need.


Finally, we have designed a specific menu to help you respond to other emerging consumption moments such as breakfast on-the-go, buffets and seminars, afternoon tea, or a remote working offer.

Find out more about the results of this study in our free downloadable White Paper.

This international consumer research is designed to support your business growth.

It will help you discover new customers, new consumer trends and expectations.

This White Paper also contains a selection of products and services designed to meet new consumption moments

to help you address new challenges such as staff shortages, optimising business models to offset inflation and reducing waste.