Délifrance Héritage

Mini pain aux raisins Délifrance Héritage

A melt-in-the-mouth product with an exceptional crunchiness and a good taste of butter.
A regular and glazed puff pastry combined with a beautiful amber colour.
A pain aux raisins generously filled with a pastry cream that has all the flavours of an old-fashioned cream and brings smoothness and indulgence, associated with caramel notes.
Premium ingredients typical of the range:
fine butter, French wheat flour, cane sugar, whole milk, wheat sourdough and free-range eggs.
Made in France, a recipe with no controversial additives in the ingredients’ list, and no artificial colours or flavours & no hydrogenated fats.

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180 per box
13-15 min - 170°C



More Information
Channel Hotel
Consumption time Breakfast
Filling Fruit
More Information
Range Délifrance Héritage
Recipe Butter
Technology Ready to bake

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