Pear caramel layer cake pinch of salt

On a moist Dacquoise biscuit with hazelnuts, a caramel Bavarian cream with William pear cubes. A caramel-flavored topping highlighted with delicate milk chocolate ribbons.
- A traditional but trendy flavors combination with the salted butter caramel
- A smooth and light Bavarian cream thanks to the dairy cream
- A new recipe: no palm oil and less additives
- An up-to-date visual product
- A refined and modern décor
- A shrewd presentation support with dual function:
*Protects the layer cake in its packaging
*A removable ruler to help cut the cake in even parts by weight and dimensions into 8, 10 and 12 servings.
4 per box



More Information
Channel Full service Restaurant
Consumption time Dinner-Lunch
Dimension 33x8,5 cm
Filling Fruit
More Information
Range Délifrance
Recipe Familly size
Technology Thaw and serve/ready to use

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