Délifrance Héritage

Brioche Olives & Parmesan 90G

You might have already heard about our savory brioches, but have you seen them all?

Our Brioche with Olive and Grana Padano is shaped by hand, in our factory in Germany*.

With sun-ripened Kalamata olives, a Grana Padano cheese in the dough, and a rosemary topping, it will provide your customers with an intense Mediterranean taste experience.

*Made in Germany with Kalamata olives, Grana Padano PDO cheese and rosemary from different countries.

36 per box
7-8 min - 210°C



More Information
Channel Café/Coffee shop, Hotel, Transport
Consumption time Snacking
More Information
Range Délifrance Héritage
Recipe Inclusions
Technology Part baked - rustic
Topping Cheese

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