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Discover our wide range of bakery, French pastry, savoury pastry and patisserie products. Set the same high standards of taste and quality by offering your customers a wide choice of delicious French food.

Délifrance: comprehensive baking expertise

We produce varied and tasty French food to satisfy all your customers.

Our products are good because we are strict about the quality of the ingredients we select,

but also because we use techniques based on traditional artisan bakery.


A supplier of bakery products for more than 40 years, Délifrance has developed  a unique French know-how.

While constantly improving our product ranges, we simultaneously make every effort

to remain true to traditional craft bakery recipes.


We design ready-to-prove French pastries, if you are equipped with a proving cabinet,

and ready-to-bake French pastries (pre-proved and egg-glazed) for quick and easy baking.


High-quality, easy-to-prepare breads and French pastries


All our products are designed to be easy to prepare. Our offer includes for example deliciously crusty baked or pre-baked bread.


We maintain a close relationship with all our partners: from the farmer who carefully selects and grows the wheat through to the consumer who enjoys our products.



French people believe that a good bread is first and foremost tasty and crispy, and has a home-made appearance. 88% of French people buy their bread in bakeries. We therefore need a good understanding of this market.


Délifrance offers a wide range of recipes and formats: individual rolls, sandwich half-baguettes, baguettes and large breads to share.


Our expertise in pre-fermentation techniques (sourdough, poolish, biga) and our hand-crafted methods allow us to offer rustic and artisan-style products, with many different inclusions and toppings: sesame seeds, pumpkin and flax seeds and cranberries, to name a few.


Even though the croissant is the number one favourite pastry, the “pain au chocolat” and the “pain aux raisins” also know how to seduce consumers.


Frozen viennoiserie represents almost 50% of a bakery's offer because it combines practicality and quality.


Délifrance offers classic pastries as well as other specialties to meet consumers’ demands and to satisfy our customers including filled croissants, organic and vegan.


66% of French people buy pastry products in bakeries. Chocolate pastries, fruit tarts, éclairs and millefeuilles are best-sellers but snacking products are also very much in demand: waffles, doughnuts, muffins...


Delifrance offers a wide variety of pastries specially developed by our pastry chefs. These include great French pastry classics  as well as updated international best-sellers, inspired by the latest trends.



In order to develop food sales and take advantage of fast-food opportunities, a  bakery also needs to incorporate  a savoury snacking offer. 68% of bakeries offer lunch-time food meal deals.


Using our knowledge and expertise in traditional pastry baking techniques Délifrance has developed a wide range of on-the-go savoury products including: savoury pastry baskets, swirls, twists and croissants, also incorporating vegetarian options. 

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