From individual bread rolls to large bread loaves and classic baguettes, we offer a wide variety of formats and recipes including crafted, artisan-inspired and rustic products using authentic ingredients and generous inclusions and toppings - sesame seeds, pumpkin and flax seeds, cranberries, etc. For a better convenience, our breads are mostly baked or part-baked.
Grid List

90 Items

  1. Boule levain
    18 per box 500 g
  2. NEW
    High fibre pavé
    24 per box 400 g
  3. Crois'sandwich
    45 per box 100 g
  4. Rustic pepita
    95 per box 40 g
  5. Olive pepita
    95 per box 40 g
  6. Organic brown bloomer
    14 per box 460 g
  7. Flat polar bread
    24 per box 175 g
  8. White parisien
    24 per box 460 g
  9. Multicereal baguette
    30 per box 250 g
  10. Rustic baguette aux graines
    30 per box 285 g


PROVE IT: a bread focus

Our latest report PROVE IT: A bread focus reveals exciting changes in the category.

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