Our Go Clean approach

Delicious in every way.
At Délifrance we exist to bake everyday delicious – bringing joy to our customers every day.
We believe the beauty in our delicious food doesn’t just come from how it tastes and how it looks but also from the way it is made. From the responsible sourcing of our ingredients to the care we put in crafting our recipes, we want our products to be simply enjoyed without question.
It was this desire to consistently look for a ”better way” that inspired our ”Go Clean” journey.
”Go Clean” is our commitment to every one of our customers to deliver:
Simpler Recipes

Simple ingredients, everyone can understand taking into account state of the art science developments, regulation and ever evolving consumers’ needs.

For all of our plain butter croissants and butter pains au chocolat made in Europe we have greatly reduced the number of ingredients to the fewest possible.
More Sustainable Ingredients

We promote the use of raw ingredients from sustainable practices, minimizing the impact on the environment and on animal welfare.

By January 2020 100% of the eggs used in Délifrance manufactured products in Europe will come from cage-free hens.
”Better for you”

Products with less salt and sugar – We have already committed to reducing the salt and sugar in our product ranges by 5% by 2021 and by 2025 we will go even further committing to a 10% reduction in sugar.

Meanwhile, we will continue to develop products responding to current needs: organic, superfood, gluten-free, veggie, vegan.

We have started to reduce salt in our bread, starting with a very demanding UK market and we’ll have more progress to share soon
Whilst our Go Clean journey will help our customers make better choices every day this can’t be at the expense of great taste and quality and this is a challenge our bakers and chefs are proud to rise to every day.
This is the start of our ”Go Clean” journey.


Stay tuned for regular updates
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