When buying from a wholesaler, customers are expecting a large variety of products that meet the particular needs of their business.

It is thus important to propose a wide range, with different sizes, quality, taste and price to fulfill all expectations. 

Delifrance has developed tailor-made solutions to answer the needs of each of your customers.

Our authentic, indulgent, organic or vegan products will help you to expand your business and build a strong relationship with your shoppers.

Our selection for wholesalers 

  1. NEW
    Multi-cereal pavé
    20 per box 450 g
  2. NEW
    Ham & cheese croissant
    60 per box 110 g
  3. NEW
    Nordic loaf
    30 per box 350 g
  4. NEW
    Poolish white baguette
    30 per box 290 g

Our products



Délifrance starts a new journey.
A journey to bring you both delicious and better products.

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