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In recent years, strong efforts have been made to modernise and improve the quality of the offer from In-Store Bakeries.

Three notable criteria underpin the success of the department:

Quality, Choice & Convenience.


However, the COVID-19 health crisis is impacting the performance of in-store bakeries, with a decrease in the number of shop visits and an increase in home-made products.


Because we don't want to be just a retail supplier but a real partner, we want to help you understand these new consumption patterns and find solutions to face them.


Délifrance, more than a simple In-Store Bakery supplier

To be able to do in-depth analysis of consumer behaviour and expectations, we conducted a study between 2020 and 2021 in partnership with the Nielsen Institute. This study was deployed to nearly 30,000 households in the UK, France, Germany and Italy.


We obtained key insights on:
- Profile of bakery consumers
- Drivers and barriers to purchase
- Consumption habits
- Consumers’ expectations and levers of improvement

In order to help your business, we have gathered the key insights of the UK study in a free downloadable infographic

Discover our new infographic on consumers of In-Store Bakeries


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Ham & Cheese Croissant

Our new snacking croissant with more premium ingredients.



Délifrance starts a new journey.
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