Our Know-How

From our classic viennoiseries, hand-crafted artisan-style breads, puff pastry snacks to the best French patisserie classics, we offer a wide range of products that meet current needs.

Our bread know-how

From individual bread rolls to half-baguettes, baguettes and large breads, we offer a wide variety of formats and recipes including local specialities - focaccia, ciabatta - hand-crafted, artisan-inspired and rustic products using generous inclusions and toppings - sesame seeds, pumpkin and flax seeds, cranberries, etc.


The secret of these breads, their aroma, their appearance and unique taste, lies in our French heritage, the selected ingredients we use, our artisan-inspired techniques and our strong expertise in pre-fermentation - sourdough techniques, poolish, biga - that are the product of a century of bakery know-how.


Our offer include part-baked bread for customers who want to bring out the flavours and textures of a freshly baked bread and fully baked bread to provide a full service to customers who don’t have an oven in their store.

Our viennoiserie expertise

We offer a wide range of classic viennoiseries - butter croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins - and specialities to meet the demands of consumers and our customers: filled viennoiseries, organic, vegan, etc.


Thanks to our know-how in several technologies we create ready to prove viennoiseries for customers who are equipped with a fermentation room and ready to bake viennoiseries – pre-proved and eggwashed – for an easy and quick baking.

Our patisseries know-how

Expert in French patisserie classics, all our layer cakes, choux pastry products and millefeuilles are made in our workshops in Brittany, France.


Using essential ingredients, authentic recipes and artisan-inspired techniques, our pastry chefs develop and design recipes to provide the best products. This includes classic French recipes and restyled international best-sellers inspired from the latest trends.


All our patisseries are ready to thaw and serve, this means that you just need to defrost them in a fridge or at room temperature depending on the product type before serving your customers.


Our offer also includes sophisticated handmade products with a highly sensorial experience - ready to fill tartshells, macarons - from our Délifrance A La Folie! range.

Our savoury know-how

Thanks to our know-how in traditional puff pastry, we offer a wide choice of savoury products including a diverse selection of premium snacks with new shapes, new doughs and new recipes - basket, swirl, twist, open croissant, savoury croissant.


Our offer includes a vegetarian offer - spinach swirl, vegetable baskets, vegetable puff pastries, etc. – and a celebration product range with our Délifrance à La Folie! ready to fill products.


All our puff pastry savoury products are ready to bake for an easy and quick baking in store.

How our products are manufactured

History of a croissant

To begin with, our bakers create and test the recipes in our pastry laboratory in Romans-sur-Isère in the south of France.


Once the lab models are validated, we move on to the industrial-scale tests. To develop the recipe on an industrial scale, the first requirement is rigorous selection of the raw materials, which are the same as those used by the artisan baker, i.e. butter, flour, sugar, eggs, milk, yeast and salt.
We meet the demands of consumers and our customers on a daily basis (organic products, simplification of ingredient lists, procurement of sustainable raw materials, certifications – chocolate, palm oil, etc.- vegan products…).

Manufacturing steps

5 hours, is the duration of the production process between kneading and entry of the pallet in the cold chamber.

1 Raw material storage

2 Raw material weighing

3 Kneading

4 Extrusion of dough and butter


5 Dough folding

6 Rest

7 Cutting

8 Shaping and shaping check



9 Oven baking / Browning / Deep-freezing

10 Quality control laboratory

11 Bagging and boxing

12 Palletisation

13 Storage

The frozen bakery, pastry and savoury market in figures







The share of bake-off/frozen products in the fresh bakery, pastry and savoury market in Europe (source: GIRA, 2022)



+ 10%



A dynamic market which has been growing for 10 years (source: GIRA, 2022)


Growth supported by the good image of Bake-off & its advantages:


Convenience & practicality 

Reduction of food waste

Solution for the lack of skilled personnels

Good value for money

Innovative products availability at anytime


Deep-freezing is an industrial technique which consists in cooling foodstuffs quickly and suddenly (in a few minutes to an hour) by exposing them intensely to temperatures ranging from -30°C to -50 °C.
By means of this process, the water contained in the cells is finely crystallized, thus limiting cell destruction and preventing the proliferation of micro-organisms which are rendered dormant at low temperature. The products thus treated retain their freshness, their texture and their flavour while preserving most of the nutrients and vitamins.