Food service

Délifrance has been partnering with the Foodservice sector for years with the aim of continuously offering the best and easy-to-prepare products, as well as services adapted to your business sector, in order to provide you greater flexibility and better cost-management thanks to on-demand cooking and waste reduction.

Our Special Offer for Hotels

Today’s consumers expect hotels to provide an exemplary guest experience and a pleasurable environment.


Food & Beverage are key to the whole hotel experience and are important standards that people consider when choosing a hotel. Furthermore, more than 8 out of 10 guests have breakfast when staying at a hotel, it is therefore easy to understand the importance of a quality bakery offer.



Going to a restaurant is a relaxing experience, combining taste, pleasure and conviviality with the opportunity to discover new flavours. Quality bread and a wide range of contemporary pastries contribute to the success of the dining experience.


Moreover, the search for transparency on food and product origins has increased, as well as a growing interest for healthy products of plant origins. It is therefore key for restaurateurs to integrate alternatives that meet these expectations into their menus.


Délifrance helps operators build attractive and optimised menus, offering convenient products that are practical to use and in line with consumer trends.

Fast casual

Coming from the US, the concept of Fast Casual offers a healthier and more comfortable alternative to fast food.


In a welcoming atmosphere with Scandinavian-style decoration, consumers are looking for a fast service of fresh quality products at affordable prices.


Délifrance assists you with every consumption moment: from breakfast and snacks with tasty viennoiseries and American pastries, to lunch with ready-to-fill sandwich breads, savoury products and pastries.

Café/Coffee shop

Coffee shops offer great coffee, but that’s not all!

They’re also a key rendezvous for food lovers, consumers are used to going there at any time of the day to enjoy a pastry or lunch on the go.


In these coffee shops, where customers generally feel at home, the offer is simple and varied; with the added bonus of fast service.


Sandwiches, French pastries, cakes and cookies made from top quality ingredients are among the best sellers Délifrance can offer you.


Often suffering from a bad image, meals consumed whilst travelling; in service stations, train stations and on planes, are an essential part of the travel experience.


They are a way to sustain passengers as well as break up a trip’s monotony. Délifrance provides tasty products that are convenient to prepare and consume within this  sector.

Event catering

Whether for a private or corporate event, cocktails and snack breaks, guests expect these to be  moments of conviviality and relaxation. The key to success is a wide range of quality products, in order to satisfy all tastes and diets.


Délifrance is the ideal partner to provide you with breads, petits fours, cakes, pastries and ready-to-fill products which combine practicality and creativity...

Ice cream store

When consumers treat themselves to an ice-cream, they expect innovative and generous products made with natural ingredients.


It is often difficult to resist this indulgent and nostalgic treat which leads to  an increase in average spend and maximisation of the taste experience.


Mini viennoiserie selection


Delifrance proposes the  mini viennoiserie selection.
You can treat yourself with a delicious puff pastry dough with original formats & trendy flavours.


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