Italy is a country with a rich culture and simple yet delicious food made with exceptional ingredients. This is why Délifrance chose to invest in an Italian bakery with strong expertise inspired by the traditional art of Italian baking.

Délifrance Panitaly

Panitaly is a brand that aims to celebrate the unique art of Italian baking around Europe thanks to its invaluable know-how and the 120 people who work in the factory.

Italianness is essential to us, and our purpose is to celebrate it in our recipes, our ingredients and our production methods. From the ciabatta to the focaccia, from the tartaruga to the pizza, we want our Italian baking excellence to be known and appreciated around the world

A wide range of products.


Our versatile production facilities enable us to make bread with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as pre-sliced products. We have several production technologies :

CLASSIC BREAD with a supple crumb and delicate crust, baked on corrugated, perforated baking trays.

RUSTIC-LOOKING BREAD prepared with biga and baked in a modern deck oven.

FOCACCIAS AND PIZZAS baked on trays in a convection oven, also prepared with biga, for very soft, fragrant products.


We work to optimise our production processes every day in order to reproduce artisan bakers’ techniques on a large scale. The continuous evolution of our methods, inspired by artisan know-how, is testament to a commitment to look to the future without ever forgetting the past: simple methods and techniques are getting a new lease of life thanks to new product formats and new tastes that meet the needs of our modern lifestyles.