no waste

Our Rabbit's Carrot Cake, crafted from leftover Délifrance Héritage Croissants, offers a delightful and sustainable treat for Easter. This no-waste recipe is ideal for bakeries, coffee shops, and quick-service restaurants seeking to elevate their dessert offerings. Perfect for brunch menus, it's ready in just 20 minutes and can be divided into 6 portions, providing a delicious solution for those who prioritize flavor and sustainability.

Preparation : 15 minutes
Cut the stale croissants into pieces and put them in a mixer, with brown sugar and cinnamon.
Mix until you obtain a sandy mixture.
Add the cooked carrots, then the oil, and set aside.
In another mixer, combine the eggs and sugar; heat the mixture over a bain-marie to about 60°C, then whip as for a sponge cake.
Add this preparation to the croissants-oil-brown sugar mixture.
Pour the completed mixture into a bake tin about 20 cm in diameter, and bake for 30 minutes at 170°C.
Leave to cool.
Dressing : 5 minutes
To make the icing, start by combining the cream cheese with the icing sugar. ​
Then whisk until the mixture is white and consistent. ​
Once it’s ready, spread it immediately over the carrot cake.​
Decorate with chocolate Easter bunnies. ​
Chef's tip
You can create your "signature" spice blend by balancing cinnamon, liquorice, cardamom, ginger, and other spices you like!