A large choice of frozen croissants from classic butter croissant to filled or vegan products. Our selection includes different formats and recipes. Most of our croissants are ready to bake.
Grid List

32 Items

  1. Mini butter croissant
    120 per box 25 g
  2. 6 butter croissants pack
    60 per box 55 g
  3. Jumbo butter croissant Jumbo butter croissant
    80 per box 90 g
  4. Straight croissant Straight croissant
    100 per box 60 g
  5. Multiseed croissant Multiseed croissant
    56 per box 80 g
  6. NEW
    Straight butter croissant
    60 per box 70 g
  7. Honey filled seeded croissant Honey filled seeded croissant
    48 per box 90 g
  8. Blueberry filled seeded croissant
    48 per box 90 g



As delicious as a classic French croissant, our vegan croissants have a reduced ingredient list without any controversial additives