Discover our vast selection of breads, from individual rolls to rustic breads for sharing; from simple recipes to those with generous inclusions and toppings! Whether you're a catering professional, a retailer or a wholesaler, our range of breads and the recipes that go with them have been designed to meet your needs.
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11 Items

  1. NEW
    Green Olive Focaccia Green Olive Focaccia
    6 per box 0 g
  2. Sandwich Focaccia Pre-sliced Sandwich Focaccia Pre-sliced
    36 per box 90 g
  3. Rosemary focaccia
    18 per box 180 g
  4. Plain focaccia
    18 per box 180 g
  5. Pizza margherita Pizza margherita
    5 per box 1,025 g
  6. Hand stretched large focaccia Hand stretched large focaccia
    5 per box 800 g
  7. Black focaccia
    6 per box 850 g
  8. Focaccia romana 415g Focaccia romana 415g
    9 per box 415 g
  9. Gran focaccia sale e olio 130g Gran focaccia sale e olio 130g
    24 per box 130 g



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