Back to school innovations 

Délifrance is pleased to introduce its latest premium & indulgent innovations.

Join us in exploring indulgence with our new products: the Brioche Feuilletée, Cinnamon Bun, and the Lotus Biscoff® Muffin.


The new premium Brioche Feuilletée, with its nice artisan-like look!

A delicious individual Brioche Feuilletée, Délifrance Héritage, in a mold:

a product combining the best of croissant and brioche, for a unique taste and texture.

Following as close as possible the traditional recipe, the brioche feuilletée is made with 25% of butter in

the dough and eggs for a tasty, indulgent and soft product.


Qualitative ingredients: Fine butter, free range eggs, French flour, whole milk powder.

Artisan-like visual:  Voluminous, golden crust and visible layers.



Taste: Typical taste of a brioche, combining subtle buttery flavour & slight yeast after taste.

Texture: Combining a flaky croissant pastry and a fluffy and melt-in the mouth brioche dough.



Easily customizable: Multiple possibilities for customers to be creative, even with simple ingredients (adding toppings, coulis, chocolate sauce, making a sandwich…)

Convenient: Multiple consumption moments, sold with a mold.

Try something new with the versatile recipes

Offering a diversified offer is one of the main challenge businesses are facing.


With this mindset, we’ve developed few recipe ideas to help our customers creating more value by offering different solutions.


All of this using only the one product: the Brioche Feuilletée.


Don't miss out on this valuable information!

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The ultra-comforting and trendy Cinnamon Bun Délifrance, perfect for a snacking offer!

A unique individual product combining the crispiness and softness of the croissant dough to a very indulgent cinnamon filling!


Unique product on the market with a specific new shape.

Sold with a mold for more convenience with the on the go consumption.



Artisanal like visual : Qualitative & voluminous puff pastry with visible layerings and a spiral aspect.

Ingredients : pure butter dough, free range eggs, French flour, wheat sourdough, cinnamon spice.



A pure butter puff pastry filled by a delicious cinnamon recipe, a trendy flavour all accross the world!

The extra-indulgent Lotus Biscoff® muffin, a must-have in your sweet snacking assortment!

You don’t want to miss this delicious plain muffin, filled with the world-famous Lotus Biscoff® spread.

The muffin’s softness, associated with the melt-in-the-mouth caramelized filling is an absolute delight for any sweetness lover,

looking for a generous snack to indulge himself.


Generous Lotus Biscoff® spread filling (more than 15%).



Ready to serve, 2 to 3h defrosting at ambient temperature.



Lotus Biscoff® branded tulip for a higher visibility in store.

Our new super premium & convenient viennoiserie range : Les Passionnés. 

Characterized by a rich recipe and an artisan-like visual,

the new premium range of Délifrance Héritage is inspired by traditional French bakers’ know-how and passion.

The closest to artisan shape & handcrafted aspect.


Tasty products made with 26% butter in the dough.


Premium ingredients for a high quality recipe.



Stay tuned for its imminent arrival.