Breads of the world

At Délifrance, we are convinced that baking is a daily art,

the art of bread that our company has been built on since its creation in 1978.


This art needs passion, but it also needs experience and unique know-how, which lives through speciality breads crafted and baked near you, in France, Italy, the UK or Germany.


Wherever we are, we are dedicated to creating great bread everywhere.


Every day, every morning, we put our heart and soul into our work, and that’s what makes our bread so good.

We believe that all over the world,
bread is the product of a treasured national heritage that must be respected.

Our products


This is why, in the UK, we prepare more and more of our sourdough breads without adding yeast.


That is why, in France, we use French wheat flour and have a specific recipe for each baguette.


This is why, in Germany, we hand-mould most of our breads individually.


This is why, in Italy, we ferment our traditional Biga dough for 16 hours.

Because ultimately, baking is a daily art.


Délifrance, let's cultivate the art of bread together



PROVE IT: a bread focus

Our latest report PROVE IT: A bread focus reveals exciting changes in the category.

Our interviews, commissioned research and data from Delve Insights provide in-depth insight into what consumers want from the bread category.