Cuando un cliente compra a un mayorista espera poder encontrar una amplia variedad de productos que satisfaga las necesidades particulares de su negocio.

Por ello es importante disponer de una extensa gama con diferentes tamaños, calidades, sabores y precios,

para poder cumplir con todo tipo de expectativas. 


Délifrance ha desarrollado soluciones a medida para responder a las necesidades de cada uno de sus clientes.

Nuestros productos auténticos, irresistibles, sostenibles y saludables te ayudarán a ampliar tu negocio

y a establecer una sólida relación con tus compradores.


French people believe that a good bread is first and foremost tasty and crispy, and has a home-made appearance. 88% of French people buy their bread in bakeries. We therefore need a good understanding of this market.


Délifrance offers a wide range of recipes and formats: individual rolls, sandwich half-baguettes, baguettes and large breads to share.

Our expertise in pre-fermentation techniques (sourdough, poolish, biga) and our hand-crafted methods allow us to offer rustic and artisan-style products, with many different inclusions and toppings: sesame seeds, pumpkin and flax seeds and cranberries, to name a few.


Even though the croissant is France’s favourite pastry, the “pain au chocolat” and the “pain aux raisins” also know how to seduce French consumers.

Frozen viennoiserie represents almost 50% of a bakery's offer because it combines practicality and quality.

Délifrance offers classic pastries as well as other specialties to meet consumers’ demands and to satisfy our customers including filled croissants, organic and vegan.

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