Modern Slavery Statement

Delifrance UK strives to be a good corporate citizen. Through its managers and through its people, Delifrance UK is committed to promoting protection of the environment; supporting charities and local communities; promoting equal opportunities; ensuring safe and efficient working practices; and working with suppliers and customers who uphold similar values.

To achieve this aim the Delifrance UK Board is taking steps to confirm that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking taking place within any element of our business. This is being achieved by the following activities:

We have strict employment policies in place covering recruitment / bribery & corruption / health & safety / harassment and bullying

All personnel employed directly are paid at an appropriate rate in line with the national living wage; with overtime payments in line with the ETI base code.

Working hours are monitored to ensure they are not excessive and personnel given rest days in accordance with the ETI base code.

Any temporary employees are sourced from a GLA approved agency and regular audits are undertaken to ensure that these employees are being paid at rates in line with the national living wage and have no unfair or unnecessary deductions.

We are members of SEDEX and undertake regular third party audits of ourselves to ensure that we are complying with best practices.

All personnel are briefed about modern slavery and human trafficking during their induction to the business and there are various routes for confidential whistleblowing.

Members of the Human Resources team have attended the “Stronger together – tackling Modern Slavery” workshop and representatives from the Purchasing team have attended the “Stronger together – Transparency in Supply Chains” workshop as well.

A training plan is being developed for internal managers and supervisors to raise awareness of the occurrence of modern slavery within the workforce and to enable them to identify potential signs and react accordingly.

We are engaging with all suppliers – ingredients / packaging / services - to ensure that our complete supply chain is actively targeting the identification and elimination of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our focus currently is undertaking a risk assessment of our supply chain to identify areas where there is a high risk of modern slavery and human trafficking. This is being achieved by encouraging our suppliers to be members of SEDEX and undertake third party ethical audits where necessary and to share the self-assessment / audit result with us.

Ian Dobbie
Managing Director
January 2017

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