Your display must attract customers and make them want to come in and buy your products.
Here are five tips for making an attractive display::


  • 1- Present a wide range of products that will appeal to as many customers as possible at first glance
  • 2- Divide products by category, without piling them up, using the products' colours to make the display attractive. The products must be fresh and appetising 
  • 3- Clean the display regularly, remove empty trays, and bring the products together at the end of the day
  • 4- Use identical, legible, visible and clean labels 
  • 5- Anticipate rush hour and have clean utensils for serving close to hand


Tips :

  • Make your more sophisticated products stand out by using a special label or by putting them in a special position
  • Give your display volume and depth by putting certain products on a raised tray