Adapt your range to your customers' profile

The Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) is different for men and women (2,500 kcal and 2,000 kcal respectively).

Men therefore tend to choose well-filled, meat-based sandwiches, up to 250g. For these sandwiches, use classic or rustic white bread.
For female customers, sandwiches should not exceed 200g.

Women prefer salad or fish-based recipes, made with multi-grain bread, with a nutritional or healthy image.



Adapt your range to your customer catchment area:

  • In industrial zones, with a mostly male customer base, choose filling and fairly simple sandwich recipes, like the classic Ham & Cheese, Tuna-Mayonnaise, and Chicken & Salad recipes.

  • In urban areas, with a mixed customer base, try to find the right balance between simple sandwich recipes and more elaborate or original recipes, made with rustic bread.

  • In a university area, with a customer base mostly made up of students, you need: :

    • sandwiches that are attractively priced, with classic, mostly white bread.
    • as well as recipes that meet their desire to try new and original things (sweet & savoury, ethnic recipes, etc.), with rustic and original breads..
  • In transportation zones:

    • in airports, with a customer base made up of working professionals with high purchasing power you can focus on tasty and appetising premium recipes, made with rustic bread..

    • in stations and on motorways, with a more diverse customer base, you need a wider range, ranging from simple, filling, and economical sandwiches, to indulgent recipes sold at higher prices.