A few additional tips specific to the sale of sandwiches

Propose a menu


If a customers asks you for a sandwich alone, always offer a dessert and an accompanying drink, or introduce the different menus you have set up.

If a customer just asks for a sandwich, systematically ask him if he would like a drink and dessert to go with it, or offer one of your meal deals.The classic meal deal is the "Sandwich + dessert (cake or pastry) + drink" at an attractive price, but you can also offer:


  • A student deal, with €1 off for example
  • A kids' deal, with a mini sandwich + drink (50cl water bottle or fruit juice) + 1 dessert
  • An "introductory" deal, to promote new products
  • A premium deal, with your most elaborate sandwiches 

Don't forget to put up POS material presenting your various meal deals (blackboards, displays, etc.).


How to highlight your sandwiches

  • In the display, arrange a first layer of sandwiches side by side and then arrange a second layer with sandwiches lined perpendicularly on top. However, make a maximum of two layers to avoid squashing the sandwiches underneath


How to highlight your Sandwiches