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Délifrance A la Folie! brings you exquisite and sophisticated treats, made of sweet and savoury hand-made products, with a beautifully aesthetic look.


Created with the highest quality standards, Délifrance A la Folie! products are the perfect tool to unleash the creativity of every chef, empowering them to create unique and surprising recipes.
From macarons to mini tartlets, our products come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavours, to create the best fit for every palate and every occasion and deliver a highly sensorial experience.


Moments of joy


    • Hand-made products for high quality
    • Close to artisanal look with regularity and consistency
    • Protective packaging to prevent breakage
    • Long shelf life
    • A perfect solution for receptions and special occasions


A range of ready-to-fill cones, baskets and tart shells that allow you to express unlimited creativity. Diversity of sizes, shapes and flavours (vanilla, chocolate or savoury).

  • Dough with pure butter
  • Thin and light shells with straight edges
  • Carefully applied coating for a lasting crunchiness


An assortment of ready-to-serve Macarons, Petits fours and T’arts to delight all your guests.

  • Classic and must-have Macarons flavours
  • Sophisticated and tasty recipes for Petits fours & T’arts
  • Exceptionally convenient and easy to prepare




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Our Brand Ambassador shares with you his best recipes for our Délifrance A La Folie! ready to create products


"Every food service professional wants to treat their guests with delicious and original recipes."

As part of my training with the Compagnons du Devoir or my role with Délifrance throughout the world, I have learned much through numerous encounters as well as from sharing this pleasure with my peers and passionate professionals.

When I use Délifrance A la Folie! products in my kitchen, I know that I am giving my guests the best. Délifrance A la Folie! tart shells are a premium product that will bring the best out of my ingredients, giving a crumbly texture and a subtle flavour that won't dominate them. In cooking or in baking, just like in the rest of life, it's all about finding the right balance!

In creating these recipes, I drew inspiration from my background, my travels, and my meetings with various pastry chefs and cooks.

Don’t hesitate to surprise your guests with these recipes, and try creating your own and sharing them on social media.

Lucas Beyries

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