A wide range of French-style viennoiseries: butter croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins…complemented by mouth-watering new twists on the classics like filled croissants, vegan croissants, etc

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  • Mini Seeded Croissant

    Mini Seeded Croissant

    Product code: 27237
    Weight: 30g
    Units per box: 100
    Characteristic: Multiseed
  • Mixed Viennoiserie Selection

    Mixed Viennoiserie Selection

    Product code: S2454
    Weight: 27g
    Units per box: 120
  • Multiseed Croissant

    Multiseed Croissant

    Product code: S7095
    Weight: 80g
    Units per box: 55
    Characteristic: Multiseed
  • Organic Croissant

    Organic Croissant

    Product code: 27224
    Weight: 55g
    Units per box: 70
  • Organic Pain au Chocolat

    Organic Pain au Chocolat

    Product code: 27223
    Weight: 70g
    Units per box: 70
  • Pain au Chocolat

    Pain au Chocolat

    Product code: S0851
    Weight: 60g
    Units per box: 80
  • Pain aux Raisins

    Pain aux Raisins

    Product code: S0852
    Weight: 96g
    Units per box: 60
  • Raspberry & Cramberry Little Gem

    Raspberry & Cramberry Little Gem

    Product code: 77965
    Weight: 25g
    Units per box: 200
  • Raspberry & Custard Basket

    Raspberry & Custard Basket

    Product code: S5514
    Weight: 110g
    Units per box: 30
  • Raspberry Croissant

    Raspberry Croissant

    Product code: S7147
    Weight: 90g
    Units per box: 48
  • Red Fruit Filled Seeded Croissant

    Red Fruit Filled Seeded Croissant

    Product code: 28228
    Weight: 100g
    Units per box: 40
  • Small Chocolate Twist

    Small Chocolate Twist

    Product code: 28826
    Weight: 50g
    Units per box: 100

65 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction
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