A wide range of French-style viennoiseries: butter croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins…complemented by mouth-watering new twists on the classics like filled croissants, vegan croissants, etc
Grid List

7 Items

  1. Butter croissant Butter croissant
    60 per box 70 g
  2. Butter pain au chocolat
    60 per box 75 g
  3. Butter pain aux raisins
    40 per box 120 g
  4. Mini pain au chocolat
    180 per box 30 g
  5. Chausson aux pommes
    48 per box 100 g
  6. Mini croissant
    180 per box 30 g
  7. Mini pain aux raisins
    180 per box 35 g


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