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Presenting Délifrance’s latest innovation:
the Madeleine cakes

An original twist on the classic madeleine, our products are uniquely star-shaped with a variety of delicious fillings, inclusions and toppings.

Their size and shape make them convenient and easy to enjoy at any time of day, whether you are seated or on-the-go, in a world where 85% of consumers snack between meals

Our Madeleine cakes are unique products that meet your needs:

  • CONVENIENCE: Easy to prepare and stays fresh for several days at room temperature
  • OCCASION: An ideal impulse-buy product for different times of day
  • PACKAGING: Convenient packaging that protects the product
5 indulgent recipes
We have created five recipes to go mad for!
Whether you are a chocolate lover, a fruit addict or you prefer simplicity, there’s a Madeleine cake for everyone!
Click on a picture to get more details about the product

Madeleine cake

Chocolate & Hazelnut

A crispy, cocoa puffed grain topping and an ultra-indulgent chocolate and hazelnut filling

Madeleine cake


A delicious ultra-soft pure butter recipe

Madeleine cake

Red Fruit

A mix of four seeds (linseed, sunflower seeds, quinoa, and chia) in the dough and on top of the product, with a deliciously subtle red fruit filling

Madeleine cake


A sun-drenched product with an apricot jam filling, pieces of apricots in the dough, and a pearl sugar topping

Madeleine cake

Custard Cream

A soft and moist cake with a custard cream filling, cocoa bean inclusions, and a cocoa-coated sugar topping

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