Find your perfect Panini. Our products are aimed at helping professionals of Food Service:
Quality & Convience at heart.
Our Provencette range is the panini of choice for your customers.

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  • 70/30 Panini

    70/30 Panini

    Product code: 18418
    Weight: 85g
    Units per box: 70
  • Grilly® - Pre-sliced

    Grilly® - Pre-sliced

    Product code: 18130
    Weight: 110g
    Units per box: 70
  • Large Panini

    Large Panini

    Product code: 27531
    Weight: 125g
    Units per box: 55
  • Panini


    Product code: 27532
    Weight: 105g
    Units per box: 55
  • Provence Herb Panini

    Provence Herb Panini

    Product code: 27533
    Weight: 100g
    Units per box: 55
    Characteristic: Provence herbs

5 Item(s)

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