From individual bread rolls to large bread loaves and classic baguettes, we offer a wide variety of formats and recipes including crafted, artisan-inspired and rustic products using authentic ingredients and generous inclusions and toppings - sesame seeds, pumpkin and flax seeds, cranberries, etc

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  • White Baguette

    White Baguette

    Product code: S5614
    Weight: 210g
    Units per box: 30
  • Twisted Ciabatta

    Twisted Ciabatta

    Product code: S5643
    Weight: 140g
    Units per box: 48
    Characteristic: White
  • Traditional Focaccia Slab

    Traditional Focaccia Slab

    Product code: 74111
    Weight: 550g
    Units per box: 10
  • Traditional Ciabatta Loaf

    Traditional Ciabatta Loaf

    Product code: 74158
    Weight: 265g
    Units per box: 33
    Characteristic: White
  • Tomato & Oregano Sandwich Focaccia - Pre-Sliced

    Tomato & Oregano Sandwich Focaccia -...

    Product code: 74508
    Weight: 90g
    Units per box: 48
  • Tomato & Oregano Bloomer

    Tomato & Oregano Bloomer

    Product code: 77682
    Weight: 465g
    Units per box: 10
  • Tepper Half-Baguette – Rice Semolina Topping

    Tepper Half-Baguette – Rice Semolina Top...

    Product code: 76431
    Weight: 130g
    Units per box: 60
  • Sesame Seed Roll

    Sesame Seed Roll

    Product code: S6564
    Weight: 35g
    Units per box: 80
    Characteristic: Seed
  • Sandwich Focaccia - Pre-sliced

    Sandwich Focaccia - Pre-sliced

    Product code: 74128
    Weight: 90g
    Units per box: 36
  • Sandwich Baguette - Pre-sliced

    Sandwich Baguette - Pre-sliced

    Product code: S8866
    Weight: 100g
    Units per box: 70
  • Rustique Roll

    Rustique Roll

    Product code: 77030
    Weight: 95g
    Units per box: 40
  • Rustique Half Baguette

    Rustique Half Baguette

    Product code: S1835
    Weight: 120g
    Units per box: 50
    Characteristic: Sourdough

97 Item(s)

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