The authentic bread collection


This carefully selected collection of products was created to allow you to experience the real soul of bread.
The secret of these breads, their aroma, their hand-crafted look and unique taste,
lies in the exceptional ingredients and the traditional techniques that are the product of a century of

bakery know-how


Our secret: long fermentation times and high dough hydration coming with a hand-crafted process which mimics artisan bakers’ gestures.

Just four simple ingredients (water, flour, yeast and salt) are needed to make bread, but the knowledge of which ingredients to choose and how to use them are the key to making great bread.



This process enables us to make products packed with inclusions and toppings, 
carefully selected among nutrient-rich ingredients that taste delicious and make you feel good.


A glance at our selection

Our authentic collection is made of 15 breads.
Through their variety of formats, these breads will fit every occasion. From our mini-rolls assortment to our individual rolls, half-baguettes and breads to share, delight your customers with tasty and unique products at every moment of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.
+ RECIPE BOOKLET: whether your customers prefer classic and timeless recipes or original and surprising creations, you will also find all the inspiration you need in this recipe booklet shared with you by Michel Roth.



Indulgent rolls assortment

This assortment of five uniquely shaped indulgent breads, packed with inclusions, can only be produced thanks to our special hand-crafted method.

The moist crumb and the authentic aroma and crispness of the seeds and inclusions, create a unique taste experience!

Bread weight: 60g
4-5 minutes at 200°C


Hand-crafted malted roll

A rustic, lightly flour-dusted roll with a hand-crafted look.

The barley malt gives the bread its attractive, dark colour and a delicious roasted flavour.

Bread weight: 90g
5-8 minutes at 200°C


The American Half-baguette
with chia and cranberries

These baguettes are hand-shaped with a natural burst,
making each one unique.

Made with spelt flour and enriched with sweet cranberries and chia, two nutrient-rich ingredients. Cranberries are high in vitamin C and potassium and chia seeds are high in iron and calcium and are a source of omega 3.

Bread weight: 100g
6-8 minutes at 200°C


Kalamata Olives Loaf

A very indulgent recipe with generous pieces of hand-picked
black Kalamata olives from Greece.

The high hydration rate gives a very thin and crunchy crust
and allows the bread to stay fresh longer.

Bread weight: 500g
18-20 minutes at 200°C



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