Delight your customers' taste buds with our hand-crafted carrot and seeds rolls and this recipe from our partner chef Michel Roth. Thanks to slices of cooked turkey fillet, wholegrain mustard, dried figs, turmeric and mixed dried fruits, this recipe is perfect for a delicious sweet and salty mix.
Preparation : 15 min
Bake the bread 5-8 min. at 200°C.
Mix the Philadelphia® with one teaspoon of powdered turmeric to make a slightly spicy cream.
Cut each dried fig into eight sticks.
Dressing : 5 min
1. Cut the rolls in half and spread one half with mustard.
2. Roll up a slice of turkey fillet and position it on the mustard in the centre of the bread.
3. Trace a fine ribbon of mustard on the turkey and decorate with dried fruit and nuts (raisins, pecan nuts, hazelnuts and pistachios).
4. Form quenelles of the Philadelphia® and turmeric preparation and place them beside the rolled turkey with one or two rocket leaves.
5. Take four sticks of fig and lay them on the other side of the turkey with a few almonds.